Kim W's Apr 00 Step

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 7055)

Step is horizontal, approach is facing front, right lead. Please send end for explanation of unfamiliar terms/steps--enjoy!

Block #1

Block #2

Block #3

Block #4

Block #5

Block #6

You are now ready to begin from Block #1, with a left lead for an L-straddle off of the right end of the step.

L-straddle: 2-knee L-step off end, turn to step, lift third knee and straddle step.

Zig-zag: Step touch on top of step (4 counts), take it to floor and step touch on floor (4 counts).

2-knee repeater, back up X 2, to top of step: Do a regular 2-knee repeater, do a 1/2 mambo back (2 counts), then immediately get up on top of step with same lead (2 counts).

Knee back it up: At an angle to the step, do a knee lift, walk backwards X 2, do a knee lift on floor walk back X 2 to step.

1/2 Scissor: An over the top with the outside leg going behind the lead leg.

Over-over top: A revolving door but wide.

2-knee repeater, back it up X 4: Do a regular 2-knee repeater, then walk back on floor X 2, then walk back to step X 2.

Repeater stagger: Done in corner. Foot on step, opposite knee up, then hit the floor with that foot and bounce on that foot (heels to floor), 3 times, then knee up and exit. Foot on step (1), opposite knee up (2), foot back to floor and bounce X 3 (3,4,5), knee up (6), exit to floor (7,8).

Pendulum swing across top, long: From end. Right foot up (it hops a little) (step towards center of step) and swing left leg out (1,2), left leg to step (keep moving across step to right end during entire move) and swing right leg out (3), right leg down and swing left out (4), left down (you should be at end of step now) and lift right knee and hop twice (5,6), then exit step on the end, right/left (7,8).

Reverse V-step: Right foot up wide (back slightly faces step, you will start facing back of room, step behind you), left foot up wide, exit behind you right, then left (you are facing back of room, step is in front of you).

Basic run: Run 1-2-3 on top of step (quick), you will automatically change lead foot.

Push step: Chug step, stomp--same thing, you can move forward or push in place.

Added by Kim Wilkinson at 7:50 PM on Monday, May 1, 2000 EDT. Add to favorites (view favorites)
From: Benton, Louisiana (USA)
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