Really Working in the Water

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**Doing a move in suspension means that the feet are not touching the bottom of the pool. Rebounding is using force to lift the body out of the water as you do the move or jumping up. When doing cross country in suspension make sure they keep the cross country movement of the legs only exaggerate it more and really pull the legs back and forth through the water front to back. They are large strong movements with the legs using lots of force and as much speed as they can without losing the range of motion or touching the bottom.

*Stick-em-up arms are out of the water, elbows bent and hands up like you would if someone said "Stick-em-up!". I have my class move forward as fast and hard as they can using the water for resistance and thus increasing the intensity. By using acceleration, force, range of motion and drag you can increase the intensity of any movement.

All these moves are repeated several times (at least 8 to 16 times). I will do one segment then another then go back a repeat the first then add another then go back again. I do not use music in my classes due to lack of a good sound system and bad accoustics so I keep up the pace by cueing with words like faster, stronger, bodies out of the water, etc.

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