Abs in aqua

This is an Aquatic pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 7127)

After hours of net-search, I have an ab workout to share. I have the class place noodles against their back, bending ends to front under their arms. Keeping the butt low in a reverse V-shape, pull the knees to chest using abs for 20 reps. Vary this by having the class open the knees but keep feet together for 20, then open legs and feet for 20. Add on a leg push behind (keeping legs together).

Advanced participants can lie with their back on the noodle using their feet to hold noodle in place. Balance is a must. Using abs, pull legs forward. Arms out for balance. If possible, with floats in hand.

For the obliques, I have the class lie back in water with hips at surface and get them to rotate from waist so that the hip comes out of the water. Then holding it on one side, let the hip fall but the leg from knee to ankle stays on surface. Pull legs to chest for 30 counts. Rotate to other leg. By keeping the hip low, it mimics the dry land move and keeps spine and neck neutral.

I end the class by having the particpants place feet on bottom of pool and bend at the knee as if sitting in a chair. Hand floats are great for balance. This move follows 5 steps.

This move is fantastic!!

If noodles are not available, hand floats can be used. This is ok for deep deep and shallow water classes.

I love this website. Keep those moves comin'

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