The Grand Canyon

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Thanks for all the great ideas for both spinning and step aerobics. I've gotten alot of super ideas. As far as spinning goes, I really enjoy music ideas. I 've made a lot of tapes and obviously love motivational music.

Just the other day I decided to do a strength training ride. I've been to the Grand Canyon once in my life and thaught it would be a great place to visualize our ride.

We started at the bottom with a 10 minute warm-up. Using light to moderate slight incline type of resistance. I talked about the heat and keeping hydrated in the desert weather. We worked on right and left leg leads, relaxing, reducing our stress and letting our minds and bodies go to the canyon. I reminded the riders that the goal at the end of the 10 minutes was to be at "their" 75%. Once the warm up was over they were not to go below their 75%. They needed to stay between 75% and 85%.

Each song we would add resistance.

1st song- seated climb visualizing the skinny trail all the way to the top of the canyon. Seeing the mules way up ahead, knowing that we would eventually pass them.

Next song we would stand and climb, getting closer to the mules. I constantly remind them that they need to stay focused, the trail is thin, it's a long fall down.....eventually we get into single file and start to pass the mules. We pick up our cadence until we eventually all are past the mules. When we go back to our seated climbs

I basically say a lot of visual stuff.

I talk about how cold the desert gets at night fall, that we need to get out before dark, it gets COLD, DARK and scary. That there are rattlesnakes, scorpions, and tarantulas. We need to get back to camp.

After we finally get out of the canyon which eventually gets unbelievably steep, we head back to camp. (if I happen to have a class full of woman) I would tell them that we have gorgeous cowboys awaiting our safe arrival. Dinners on cookin', sleeping bags all have been shaken free of any Critter's. It's fun and a great visual escape.

Incredible Strength ride.

Hope you enjoy it!!!

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From: Lyndonville, Vermont (USA)
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