Kim W's May 00 Step

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Step is horizontal, right lead approach. Myself and my students created this routine while in class for something different. Each student either contributed an 8-count or 16-count portion. We had lots of fun and came up with an awesome routine--we hope you enjoy it! Explanation for unfamiliar terms is at end, email comments or questions.

Block #1

Block #2

Block #3

Block #4

Block #5

Block #6

You are now ready to begin from Block #1 with a left lead.

Repeater stagger: see Kim W's Apr 00 stepfor explanation.

3-knees on top: step right wide on top and lift left knee while facing left wall, step back down on step while turning to right wall and lifting right knee, turn back to left wall with left knee, then straddle step left, then right.

Ski off back: after the last hop turn you will be on front side of step with step to your left (side approach). Do a backwards hop turn and when the lead foot hits the floor (you will be facing back of room with step in front of you), ski twice on step (alternating feet--fast), then hop turn back to other side (you will be facing front again). EXAMPLE: with left lead--hop turn, tap down on other side (4); hop turn, tap down on other side (4). Step left foot onto step (1), lift right lead and start your backwards hop turn (2), right foot hits floor (3--step is in front you facing back of room, left foot is on step); ski right foot up (4, left foot goes to floor), then ski left foot (5), hop with left foot still on step while turning to facing front of room again (6), exit right, then left (7, 8), you are now facing front of room (step is in front of you) and are ready to begin next step with a right lead, practice, its easy once you get it.

L-squat: knee off end of step, squat out/in on floor, clap x 2.

Turnstep, double knee: this is a power move. Start your turnstep, instead of tapping down all the way, tap your toe, do a half circle hop turn again, tap toe, hop turn again (both hop turns will make a full circle when complete), then exit step (you will be facing front of room, step in front of you). EXAMPLE: right foot up to start turnstep (1), left foot up (2), right toe taps floor and starts hop (3, 4), toe taps again towards end of step (while turning, 5 & 6), then exit step right/left (7 & 8).

Over-over the top: like a revolving door. Over the top, don't tap down, then go over the top again with the same lead foot.

Basic run: see Kim W's Apr 00 stepfor explanation.

Pendulum swing, double knee: step above starts with left lead but I will explain with a right lead. EXAMPLE: right foot up on step while swinging left foot out (1), left foot down, swing right foot out (2), right foot down, swing left foot out (3), left foot down, swing right foot out (4), right foot down, lift knee up and hop twice on step, then exit step left, then right. You start with a side approach to step, while swinging legs, start pivoting on step so you will be facing front of room so that when you exit the step will be directly in front of you and you will be facing front of room. Step touch on top: right foot to right corner, tap left foot next to right--stay on top, left foot to left corner, tap right foot next to left, you are now ready to begin your lunges with a right lead.

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From: Benton, Louisiana (USA)
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