Advanced Double Step - Fun, Fun, Fun

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 7187)

Steps are horizontal

Front is home step and back step is away.

Pattern One

On home - Turnstep (right foot) straddle down and exit in the middle. On the away (back) step shuffle step and one knee. Come to the home step (same corner as you ended with the single knee on the back step) and do a pendulum. (Pendulum is 1 to the back wall, 2 to the mirrow, 3 to back wall, lunge to mirror) and pop the knee and go over the back step and walk to the front home step. Do again opposite foot.

Pattern Two

L-step and basic in the middle x2. Then you will do an L-step 7 & 1. L-step and on 7 lunge to the mirror and on 1 lunge to the side and basic front (on home step). Once get that. Do the L-step 7 and 1 and then go over the back (away) step and do one turnstep on the back step and on the back step do a turn straddle turn and land up on the front step and do one basic

Put one and two together on the right foot and then the left.

Pattern Three

Alternating two hamstrings then come on top of the step and do two knees on top of the step and take the third knee off to the side. Alternating kicks, one to the home step and one to the away step. On the floor do one full pivot turn and end up on the back step and do one turnstep and come to front step.

Pattern Four

Make it real easy for a brain break.

Pattern Five

Turnstep and take it to the end (this is a six count step) and across the top and hit your heel on the end of the step (on 8) and take across and hit heel on (4 & 8) take back across and turn and go to away step and on ONE do alternating knees (for another 8 counts). Do 4 fast taps (or whatever you call them) and one knee (if you start tapping with your right foot the left knee comes up and vice versa) and do again. Then hams around the world. Then hams around the world again and over the top to home and alternating kicks. Puts you on opposite foot and you do again on the opposite foot (if you can get this THEY WILL LOVE IT).

This should give you almost enough material for a 45 minutes class. This is advanced and if you need better explanation email me. Sara City did a double step tape recently that is really good. I bought it and some of this is taken from that tape. It is more advanced.

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