Big Basketball--very advanced

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 7217)

Bench is horizontal. This routine flies when you get it all together! My more advanced students love it!

During the warm-up, I have them do a series of corner knees and talk them through it. Count each piece out, 1, 2, 3, 4. Tell them counts 1 & 2 will always remain a step and a knee. There are several modifications of 3 & 4 though, so they need to be prepared. Throughout this routine you'll see the phrase "step-knee" several times. This is the 1 & 2, (step-knee) we practiced in the warm-up.

Starting on the right foot, L-step toward the west end of the room. Then, 1/2 L-step the other way (east). 1/2 L-step is just the first 4 counts of an 8-count L-step, followed by a mambo at the end of the bench

1/4 turn is just a turn around the front 1/4 of the bench

Big basketball:
This is a power jump-shot that ends on top of the bench. Really try to get your students to get some air. As they come down, to avoid slamming into the bench, have them do a "bump-bump" on 3 & 4:

The straddle starts and ends on top of the bench. You are at the east end of the bench, facing west.

Step knee exit:

Reverse U-turn:

3/4 Hop turn front:
You are standing in front of the bench, facing the west wall. This is basically a modified hop-turn. It just starts from a tap-up position rather than facing the bench so it's a 3/4 turn rather than just a 1/2 turn.

Step wide:

Pivot 2x:

L-step is just a 1/2 L-step, ending at the end of the bench. Right foot leads

Hop-turn on top:
This is another modified hop-turn. Starting from the west end of the bench, facing front (north). You'll do a hop-turn and end on top of the bench facing the back of the room (south).

Lunges (facing the back of the room)

Straddle knee exit skinny:
I use the term "skinny" to refer to the narrow end of the bench. This way the students know to exit behind them, toward the west, rather than trying to exit "home" to the back side of the bench.

This one seems to be extremely difficult to teach. If you come up with a better way of breaking it down, please let me know!

Tell your students to think about the step-knee from the warm-up. It gets used a lot here.

Step knee pendulum:
Teach the pendulum piece with the exit to the front of the room on 7 & 8 first so they know what's coming. Starting on top of the bench, have them get into a pendulum, with the right leg as the lead so:

Once they have this down, add the step-knee in. Starting from the west end of the bench, facing the bench (facing east):

Step knee shuffle
Yet another version of the step-knee. Standing on the north side of the bench, facing east. Tell the students they will shuffle in the direction of the knee (left knee, left shuffle). The pattern will make an L-shape around the north and west ends of the bench. I cue "step-knee, shuffle to the left, step-knee, shuffle back behind."

Reverse corner knee:
You are facing west on the west end of the bench.


Repeat the entire sequence on starting on the left foot!

Good luck! It's really hard. I taught it for 6 weeks and only got all the way through once or twice. If I haven't described some of the moves clearly enough, please let me know. Enjoy!

Remember, "It Flies!"

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