Vertical Creation

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Vertical bench...

Now do the whole thing on the opposite lead, starting with 2 left T-steps...

* "Modified L-step with crossover-hop-knee." Yeah, I'll explain this one...

It starts off like your basic L-step (as though your bench was horizontal, not vertical). The only change comes on the final knee-up of the L. The goal is to get yourself over the top, to the opposite side of the platform, facing frontwards.

So, to the front of the bench, begin the ol' L as per normal: step up with the right foot, and lift the left knee (you will be facing "sideways" with the platform off your right side); plant left foot on floor and lift the right knee; plant right foot back on step, and lift left knee as you hop-and-turn-bckwards to face the front

So it "sounds" like this: 'Step-knee, down-knee, step-hop-down-down.'

NOTE: Because of the nature of this CROSSOVER-hop-knee-turn, there is no tap-down after you finish the move to land on the right side of the bench. Your left foot will come down on the floor first, followed by your right, and then you'll step right up onto the bench (which is now on your left side) with the left foot; this starts the pattern all over again on the opposite lead.

** "Side shooter" is pretty straightforward - it's basically a sideways shooter (Hence the ever-so-clever nomenclature!). With the bench on your left, step up-up (left-right), do 2 SIDE lunges (left, right), and exit down left, so the bench winds up on the RIGHT side of ya.

"up-up, tap-switch, tap-switch, down-down."

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