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--32 count combo--

Repeat on other side


"Repeater tigger"--First, practice regular alternating repeater knees. Then, here's the tigger part (right lead first)--one knee (it would be the left knee), "pump" left foot on floor three pumps with the beat while right foot is still on step, then one more knee, down down--repeat on other side for practice. (counting from one, the pumps would be beats 3, 4, 5.) ***To make it real fancy, hop that first knee back to the other side of step and pump around the corner back to the front again then knee again, and now your back to where you need to be. This option rotates in same direction for the full 8 counts--be sure to unload that foot when rotating. (Am I being too detailed?)

"Hat dance"--although a regular L-step would do, the option here is to "hat dance" on the end of the step in between L-step halves. (hard to explain--I'm sure many people know what a mexican hat dance looks like.) Just quickly alternate a lateral scissor-type motion in only three beats.

"360 basic"--speaks for itself. Either do a regular basic or completely turn it into a tight 360 basic on top of step.

Any Questions? e me!
I have TONS of quick transitional choreography--lots of "dancy" and challenging stuff!!

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From: Suthern California (USA)
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