Slide "n" Jack (Sonia's #2)

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 8079)

The step is horizontal and directions are given for right foot lead. All are 32 counts, and self-reversing, but can be done continuously for variation. Basic moves are given with options in parenthesis. I use a "map" formation for my directions:

                   NW     North    NE
              West *                *  East
                   *                *
                   SW     South    SE

Starred choreograpy explanations are at the end. Please email me with any questions - I love hearing from other instructors. I welcome feedback as this is only the second routine I have posted. Let me know if my explanations are clear. Thanks for all the ideas!!

Combo 1

(to the east or west end tap off, to the south side walk off)

Repeat with left lead or go on to #2

Combo 2

Repeat with left lead or go on to #3

Combo 3

Repeat with left lead or go on to #4

Combo 4

Repeat with left lead or go on to #5

Combo 5

Repeat with left lead, go back to #1 or go to #6

After learning 1 - 5 I added two more. Add at end or you could drop two or mix these in between.

Combo 6

Repeat with left lead or go to #7

Combo 7

Repeat with left lead or go back to #1 beginning with a left lead.

Combo 1 choreography:

Turnover: (1) step up right with foot at a slight angle to the right, and begin turning to your right - almost a pivot (2) step up left on top of the step - you will now be facing south (3,4) step down right and step down left - you are on the north side facing south

Slide n jack: These are done on the floor (1) step wide with the right foot (2) slide the left foot in (3,4) 1 jumping jack. Repeat stepping wide left and sliding in right. This can be done at first as a grapevine and jack, grapevine and jack. For lower impact students can do a slide and a half jack: instead of jumping just step out and in with the lead foot while the opposite foot stays in place.

*Note*: For the slide n jacks in combo 1 you are facing the step. For the slide n jacks in combo 4 your back is to the step. Both sets are done on the north side.

Combo 2 choreography:

Shuffle turns: (1,2) 2 shuffles along the step with one foot on the step and one foot on the floor (3,4) turn on the floor to repeat with opposite lead.

Spirals: This is an over the top turning as you exit so that your lead foot is still to the step. Go over the top and turn again to maintain lead.

Combo 3 choreography:

Mambo cha cha chas: Add a cha cha cha in the middle of the mambos. Then move the mambos corner to corner with chas in the middle. After learning that I show turning away from the step on the first cha cha cha, and turning back to the step on the second chas.

Swing set: (1) step up right (2) lift left leg (3,4) turn in toward step as you step down to face south (5) step up left (6) lift right leg (7,8) turn in toward step as you step down to face north

Combo 4 choreography:

Walkover: Simply walk over the step 1,2 to the north side 3,4

1/2 Kickover: (1) step right (2) kick the left leg forward (3) step down on the north side with the left foot (4) tap down right - your back is to the step

Fly: (1) step up left (2) fly the right foot forward over and around the end (3,4) step down right, step down left (walk it) Repeater combo: An 8 count doing 1 knee, 1 abductor, 1 hamcurl as a repeater - cue knee, side, ham

Combo 5 choreography:

I-step: (1,2) step up right, step up left (3,4) jumping jack out and in (5,6) step down right, step down left (7,8) jumping jack out and in. *Note*: This can be taught stepping out and in instead of jumping

Rocking horse: (1) step up right (2) left hamcurl or glute lift (3) left to floor (4) rock right knee up (5) right goes back onto step (6) left hamcurl or glute lift (7) left to floor (8) right to floor (switches lead) Repeat with left foot lead for this combo.

Boomerang: (1,2,3,4) turnstep into a straddle (5) step up right (6) fly left leg back over step (7,8) left to floor, right to floor - switches lead

Combo 7 choreography:

Attitude lifts: also called adductor lift - leg is slightly bent with the inside toward the ceiling

Split V: (1,2) step up right and left in V (3,4,5,6) tap back diagonally with right foot and then left (7,8) down right, down left

V-shake level 1: (1,2) up right and left in a V (3,4,5,6) shake hips right/left/right/left (7,8) down right, down left

V-shake level 2: (1,2) up right, up left in a V (3,4) shake hips right & left (5) hop feet together (6) lift lead knee (7,8) right down, left down

3 knees on top: Do three knee lifts on top stepping down with the third knee lift to change lead.

Skippy knees: Do the three knee lifts in a skipping motion. Turning skippy knees: (1) step up right (2) with a skip lift left knee and begin turning left (3) left steps down on top (4) right knee lifts and completes turning to face south (5) right foot steps off step on short end (6) left knee lifts (7,8) left foot steps to floor walking forward, right foot walks - this changes lead. This will move you to face the step on the south side again (home)

Combo 7 choreography:

Pendulums: Step up right and do 3 abductors on top, stepping down on counts 7 & 8

Hustle up & back: March up 1,2,3 and tap, march back 1,2,3 and tap. Instead of the taps go to a knee up or a kick.

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