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Here's my latest submission...thanks to all of you for your contributions, hope this one helps you out as much as yours for me.

This workout consists of 4 blocks each with an interval after. Each move or set of moves should be about 2 minutes but pace as you feel.

Warmup as usual

Block 1

Interval--WHIRLPOOL for 2 minutes

Block 2

Interval--PARTNER DRAGS for 2 minutes. This is where one person is runner and other is kicker. The kicker holds on the runner's shoulders and kicks while the runner runs to other side. I have my classes go down and back before switching places.

Block 3

Interval--WAVE RUNS for 2 minutes. I haven't seen this on turnstep before but have participants split into equal groups on opposite widths of pool. Deem one participant each side the "stroke leader". Push/Pull on the wall at same rate as "stroke leader". This should create massive waves in the middle of pool. When you are ready, yell out, have them run to other side. It really is like being at the ocean and getting knocked around. Repeat

Block 4

INTERVAL--Bikes and Birds for 2 minutes. Using a noodle have participants sit on like a horse. Bike width of pool/use arms only to get back to other side. Repeat. I like to have them do breaststroke/reverse breast arms.

Remind students that with this type of workout they ultimately are responsible for how hard they work. I've found this workout works best if everyone starts out on same side (except for wave runs). That way they see what YOU are doing! Thanks again for all your comments and ideas--I've really appreciated them.

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