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As a spinning instructor, I am always trying to find ways to coach my classes to challenge themselves, at their own pace. One way to do is is to coach them to do intervals (running on a hill or flat, or even jumps) by counting pedal strokes.

A pedal stroke is defined as one full revolution of one leg.

For example, instead of having them do a 20 or 30 second standing run, I will have them stand and run for 20 pedal strokes. When they finish 20 pedal strokes, they come back in the saddle and get ready for the next interval. I encourage them to work as hard as they can, not worrying when everyone else is finished. This really also encourages them to take control of their own training.

I find that this also works well with jumps. Instead of the whole class doing synchronized jumps to the music (in 8 or 4 beats), I will have them do a set of jumps (say 10) and give them a number of pedal strokes that will constitute the actual lifting (usually a minimum of 3 pedal strokes and a max of about 5). The amount of time they rest between each jump in the saddle is up to them.

I might also in a class cue them to jump for a period of time (one minute), and give them the number of pedal strokes that they should jump for.

Yes, there is always someone who finished last, but I really encourage a non-competitive environment, and help them to focus in on their own work. I have found that people also think much more about their form when they jump this way. This also is an excellent way of using jumps because no one is left out. I have seen that people who are newer to spinning get frustrated with jumps because they feel they have to "keep up" The only person they keep up with is themselves. This way of jumping allows everyone to work at their own pace.

I hope that this is helpful. I have found that my classes really enjoy using pedal stroke in their training.

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