Triple steppin'

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 8105)

This routine uses three steps (Two horizontal and one vertical). I do this routine when everyone is able to have there own steps and there is plenty of room to move around. This is a very easy routine to cue. All you have to cue is "front" or "side" because you can only get from one front bench to the other by going over the top of the side bench.

All patterns are self-reversing.

Set up for steps:

(front #1)   (front #2)
hhhhhhhhh     hhhhhhhhh
hhhhhhhhh     hhhhhhhhh

Pattern 1:

(Start with right lead on front #1 bench)

(You will end up behind step #2 at the end of the pattern, which then repeats on a left lead. So at the end of the left lead, you will be behind step #1)

Pattern 2:

Pattern 3:

(now you are facing side bench)

Pattern 4:

(now you are facing side bench again)

Pattern 5:

*** On pattern 2 have the class start off up and lunging back six times on the front bench then exit and repeat pattern. Then the next time have them up and lunge back 2 - two times on the front bench. Whenever they are ready you can show them the option of lunging on the front then the side bench.

*** On pattern 4 instead of the first two moves you can do:

(I know that some instructors are not comfortable with class participants stepping up and over the step.)

If you have questions you can email me.

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From: Zachary, Louisiana (USA)
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