Fun from the Trench

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 8109)

Benches are set up vertically about 4 to 5 feet apart. You are working from the trench or middle of 2 steps so the bench on your right is Home bench and bench on your left is 1st. Everything is 32 counts and self-reversing.

     X      X
     X      X
    1ST    HOME

I call any lifting move between the two benches a Volley.

Block 1

Starting at home right foot lead.

Repeat above starting on 1st left foot lead.

Block 2

Repeat above starting on 1st left foot lead.

Block 3

Repeat above starting on 1st left foot lead.

Block 4

Repeat above starting on 1st left foot lead.

Block 5

Repeat above starting on 1st left foot lead.

This is a lot of fun - sweat - sweat and sweat. I introduce every 32 count combination on Home bench only before I take it to both benches. My students are used to the format and catch on quickly.

*Wandering Peg Leg - Right foot to bench left slightly lifts (1), left foot on floor right slightly lifts (2), right foot straddles bench while moving forward on bench left slightly lifts(3), left foot floor right slightly lift (4), right back to bench left lifts (5), left floor right lifts (6), right foot to floor behind left (like a back mambo) (7), left foot to floor (8)

**Skate turn jack - Step up on bench with right (1), left foot ham curl (2), left foot to bench at top of bench starting to turn to face back of room (3), right ham curl (4) right foot to floor facing back (5), left foot to floor (6) jack (7,8)

*** Mambo - Mambo - right foot crosses over to front corner of step left slightly lifts (1), left to floor (2), right foot back to starting position left foot slightly lift (3), left foot crosses over to back corner of step right slightly lift (4), right back to floor left slightly lift (5), left back to floor (6)

****Kick Swing Lunge - Step right up on bench (1), left foot kicks across right (2), left foot lunges to same spot on floor but body weight stays on top of bench and right foot stays on top of bench (3), left foot back to bench (both on top) (4), right foot lunges to outside of home left stays on bench (5), left foot comes back to bench (6), left down inside home (7) right down inside home (8)

This probably looks and reads complicated but it's not. Please email if you have any questions. I also string these combos together one after the other once students are familiar with the concept. Have fun and work hard.

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