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Alright--this site's been such a help to me, I figured I better give something back, so.....without further ado, here are some of my favorite routines. They're all 32 count, self-reversing and usually pretty easy to mix and match and rearrange in different order. Have fun and work 'em hard!

Block #1

Block #2

Block #3

Block #4

**Big Triangle: The same thing as a regular triangle, except along the long side of the bench. In this case you go from L-step, to a step touch facing front, to step touch facing back, so you are now facing the back with the bench in front of you.

**Step Over: Start with a basic step, and then instead of exiting to the back, step straight over to the front, ending with bench behind you (hence the name Step Over!)

**Hop Turn straight into a Double Repeater seems pretty self-explanatory: when you are ending the hop turn, just tap your foot down (without exiting) and then bring your knee up for the double repeater.

The Twirl part: ending a regular repeater you face the bench as you go to the other side to work the opposite leg. With a twirl, you just end it and turn Away from the bench, rather than turning towards the Inside. If people don't like that, they can just modify with turning the regular way.

**1/4 Reverse Turn (in context with the routine): Facing right wall, with step on right side towards the end of the bench you: step right (you're on top of the bench, turning to face front) (2), exit right off short end (2), and from there go straight into crossing bench (the long way). I didn't know what else to call this move that was in any way explanatory--I usually just call it 'Step right, exit right'.

**Shuffle Step Straddle: Just like a turnstep straddle, but the turn is more like 2 quick stomps along long side of step. From the straddle you go straight into the reverse turn.

**Knee-Off: In this routine you're facing the back. Start like a single corner knee, but as you exit step away and to the side of the bench so that you end up facing side wall, standing next to or a little in front of short end.

I hope the explanations were understandable--you're welcome to email me with any questions or comments, in fact I would appreciate it!!

XOXO Elise

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