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I've just recently started teaching slide and I'm desperate for new choreography. The following is a very basic class suitable for new instructors and those participants new to slide. Bear in mind, I teach this as an interval class, with resistance exercises between the blocks (the first ones should be repeated many times, to get them used to the feel of the slide). If anybody out there feels like sending in some more ideas for slide, I'd sure appreciate it!!

Block #1:

Block #2:

Block #3:

Block #4:

(repeat in reverse, starting with 1 slide, 7 pulses and building back up to 8 full slides across)

Block #5:

*Pulse = gentle knee bends, feet together

**Skating = full slide across bench with hamstring curls, arms swinging in front of you like a speed skater

*** Skiing = full slide across bench, feet landing together at other bumper with deep knee bend, both arms swinging overhead & brought down together at hip by bumper

**** Pivots = start double step across slide, turning 180 degrees in middle of slide and landing on far bumper facing back of room. Coming back, pivot happens in the middle of the slide again, bringing everybody facing each other again.

***** Swirls -- inside foot (the one not on the bumper) traces circles on the slide.

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From: Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada)
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