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You will need one light handweight (3's or 5's work best) and an aerobics step for this exercise. I usually go through 1-2 sets of 8 of the abs so they can get used to the form before the weight is added.

Have the students position themselves so they are supine on the step with the shoulders on the end, and the head and neck off of the step. (Encourage them to contract their abs at all times to support the head and neck.)

Extend the right leg to a 90 degree angle from the torso, knee slightly bent. The right arm is extended over the head, slightly bent, with the elbow right next to the ear. The left arm bends behind the head, the left hand is supporting the right arm. The arms will look like a number "4" when in the correct position.*

Do a crunch while in this position. Make sure the arms stay in the correct form through the entire range of motion.

Once the class is used to doing the exercise, add the hand weight in the right hand. The added weight as an extension of the upper-body ads a large amount of resistance. Once the exercise becomes easier for students, have them increase their weights gradually, like they would during weight training.

It is important that the students keep the head and neck straight, and not pull forward with the arms. The arm position is awkward at first, but once it is practiced, it is a very effective exercise for building strength in the abs.

* It works best if I practice the arm positioning sitting on the step looking in the mirror. This lets them actually see what it should look like when doing the crunches.

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