Easy box for a Monday evening and box stepping

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 8150)

Lesson always starts with 10 minute warming up and pre-stretch

Right foot always leads


Starting position: feet open stance at shoulder width

Jumping jacks (32 counts) to get to starting position 2


Right foot front (stand still or heel/toe movement)

Boxer shuffle, bob and weave or open tapping to change to left foot front stance and repeat everything on left (32 counts)



Repeat for 8 then do the same but change cross in hook and later in uppercut


Warming up to get to kicks

Repeat the whole building up pattern on the left





This lesson consist of seperated blocks. I do no add ons because my classes find that too complicated. Each block however gets builded up in an add on pattern. i.e. block one starts with right jab,left cross, left jab, right cross and then I add 2 jumping jacks, these two change in 1 knee, 1 jumping jack and finally when they mastered all legs I add the speed ball. All arm and leg movements are first done as a simple arm movement. The next step is with power. i.e. a jab starts with arm out, in (2) and becomes with power fast out, faster in with a good contraction of the muscles (also 2 counts!) I like the using of a bench to help beginners with the kicks as all have at first problems with balance. Of course with a bench working means using lower bpm.

Thanks for reading, comments welcome, thanks for all your ideas. As a beginning teacher this site inspires me a lot.

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