Thighs Alive!!!

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 8160)

Alright guys, I know you have those clients in your kick class that whenever you do kicks or leg work say that "they don't feel it!" Well they WILL feel this! The great thing about this move is that you can put punches and blocks with it and move with it!! SO here it is!

~Position (this is so important!): you are in a plie, feet slightly turned out, pelvis is tucked under and abs are tight...when you begin to squat, tell them to keep their ankles inline with their knees...

~So you are in "the position" now squat keeping your pelvis tucked under and then hold...then tell them to squat lower and pulse...keep doing this till they class loved it, especially when we did kicks after it!!!

This is my first time submitting anything, I hope you guys try this and that your clients LOVE it!!! Feel free to email me...I am a Green Belt in Goju-Ru Karate so I have lots of moves!!!

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From: Clyde, Ohio (USA)
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