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This is a cardio challenge format. The order is not important. These are some segments I do for my class. I have a step line made up of 8 steps in the front of the room. The steps are touching end to end. I set up 8 hurdles (steps) in the back of the room. I have one long jumprope laying on one side of the floor and 5 cones in a line on the other side.

Warm-up and stretch-any way you want

To get the heart going I partner my class up. Each couple gets one tube with handles on it. The tube goes around one partners waist and the other partner has the handles and it standing behind the person with the tube around waist. Both are facing front. The person with the tube around waist runs in place trying to pull away from the partner. The person holding the handles stays in place. The runner runs facing front, then turns to the side then faces the partner then turns to the other side then back to the front.


Repeat but change lead legs.

Repeat but change lead legs.

There are so many different things to do with this type of class.

I would love any ideas anyone would like to share.

ALSO- Does anyone know anything about Body Pump?

Let me know if you have any questions.

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