Fancy Step II

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 8174)

--32 count combo--PLUS other cute little 4-8 counters below

Repeat on opposite lead

Kick through "walk back"--just how it sounds. What I usually do is start off by kicking thru walk backward on floor (for 2 counts) then I kick on floor and walk back to the step.

"Skate"--after kicking on step and walking backward for 2 counts, I then skate on the floor in place (little hop on floor with one foot and then the other, NOT changing direction, just in place) then pivot.

"Zig zag"--some may call this a step touch turn on the floor. You just zig zag around the end of the step. (say you start this whole combo with the right lead, you will be zig zagging around the right side of step.

--"Repeater pony"--one knee "pony" down down (do on other side). I'll explain... once that first knee is up, alternate that foot with the other in a pony-type hopping motion (4 ponies) on top of step...the pony part is counts 3,4,5,6 and 7,8 down down. (8 counts total)

--"Fred Astaire"--first hesitate on step 2 times. For example, instead of tapping up and down, do two hesitations then tap up and down. NOW, replace the second hesitation with a "fred Astaire" (hmmm, how should I explain...) on the floor, after one hestiation, do a circular (360 degree) "tap tap" ON THE FLOOR with the hesitation foot. Make sense? If not, email me. Think of Fred and Ginger! (4 counts total)

--"Turnstep, walk backward on floor 2 counts, mambo on floor behind you, chase 2 counts back to step, repeat." (I don't have a name for this, I just cue the whole thing out) ***you can do this with a V-step, too. just do a V walk back... AND you could "twirl" the 2 count walking back part to make it look pretty. (8 counts total)

Let me know if this is confusing!!

Added by Molly Parker at 9:10 PM on Sunday, November 26, 2000 EST. Add to favorites (view favorites)
From: Southern California (USA)
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