Aqua Sports Conditioning

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This aqua class uses sports moves to keep your heart pumping. I combine boxing, basketball, baseball, soccer, skiing moves to keep this cardio aqua class challenging and fun. During the warm-up introduce any new or difficult to follow moves. After warming-up I usually form a circle.

Flick kick (knee then extend the leg) and punch traveling forward making the circle smaller. Fast run backwards, then repeat the move again. Traveling laterally tick-tock then change direction. Straight leg teater todder right leg in front (it is a rocking motion front and back. Turn this into a front kick back kick knee leads then extend the leg. Cross country ski in place, then switch the lead to a left lead and repeat. Travel laterally with jumping jacks and change direction. This is just an example use your imagination in creating your own combinations. I add on moves then go back to the top and repeat it all.

Some other sports moves are: baseball swing: with hands in the position you would hold a bat, legs shoulder distance apart feet flat on the pool floor swing the bat right and left like you are trying to hit a homerun. Soccer: dribble the soccerball then give it a big kick like scoring a goal alternate the feet. Basketball: dribble the basketball with one hand then jump and shoot a shot the go to the other hand. Skiing: mogul ski feet together hopping left and right as you travel forward, hands are on poles digging into the snow. Dancing: ballet leaps on the toes and turn.

The options are endless just think of the sports you like to do and adapt the moves to the water!

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From: Dalton, Massachusetts (USA)
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