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Hi everybody. I thought I would give you some of my choregraphy. I teach an advanced level step class, which is 1 1/2 hours long. Not including the warm up, I teach about 50 minutes of step. This choregraphy will easily give you 50 minutes or more (depending on how you break it down). All patterns are 64 count, self-reversing and the step is horizontal.

I am also providing my breakdown after each combo.

                        back of step
              left                       right
                        front of step

Warm Up (on the step) at the front of step, facing either right end or left end (your choice)

Linda's X-step

This forms and X pattern on the step

Combo I

(Start at front of step, facing forward)

Breakdown: I teach the 2 basic right and the 2 V-step right first 2 sets on each leg right, left, right, left. Then I tell them to hold the basics 2 right, 2 left, while I demonstrate the pivot straddle, knee, straddle, knee exit (I show them twice and then I invite them to try it with me). We do 4 sets right, left, right, left. Then I put it together with the 2 basic right and the 2 V-step right. I then add on the 2 rocking horse (I teach it first with a turnstep, tap up, right, left right left, and only in the finished product do I put the turnstep straddle, turn step exit). I then teach the 2 charleston kicks, over the top, squat. Then I put the whole thing together from the top, right, left, right left.

Combo II

(stand facing into the step, looking to left end)

Breakdown: First I teach the alternating L-step, left to the small back end, right to the back side of the step, repeating this 4 times. I then add on L-step left to small end of step, 2 alternating lunges left, right, L-step right to back side of step. I then add right onto this with Linda's X-step, starting with the L-step to small back end, the lunges, the L-step to back side then the X step. Then I teach the repeater knee, pivot over the top alone. Then I put the whole thing together.

Combo III

(front of step, facing in toward left end)

Breakdown: I ask my class to tap up tap down while I show them the straddle, double tap, then I invite them to join me. Next we do the scoop forward, repeater hip. What I do here to practice on both legs is that we do 1 set forward, 1 set back, 1 set forward, 3 x over the step, tap up tap down and you are ready to pract on opposite side of step. I then ask them to hold single knees in each corner while I show them the 3 x knee up on step, but here I teach it with 1 turnstep, 1 tap up so that we can practice on both sides and only in the finished product do I use 2 turnsteps.

I now teach Combos I, II and III twice from the top.

Combo IV

Breakdown: I teach the 2 single curls, 1 A-step, tap up tap down, to practice on both sides. Then I teach the alternating repeater, mambo, turn step (self reversing). I put all this together, no tap up tap down, but over the top. I then ask my class to hold single knees in each corner while I show them the skate move and then we practice this a few times together. Then I teach the single knee turnstep, one in each corner. When you put this together from the top, remember that if you skate left then right, your single knee should start in the right corner in order for the pattern to be self-reversing.

Combo V

Breakdown: I teach the K-step, over the top a few times first. Then we practice alternating lunges exit. I then tell them we will put this together and add on right away with the 3 x knees back and over the top. I teach repeater curl, straddle, repeater curl exit along. I then put it all together.

I do Combo IV and V twice from the top. Then I do combos I to V twice from the top. This fits very nicely into 50 minutes of music.

I hope you all understand what I was trying to breakdown, but If you have any questions, please email me and I will give you more information.


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From: Quebec (Canada)
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