Paradise's Seventeenth

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SIDEWAY SKIP--hop on step with left 2x (counts 1,2), hop on step with right foot 2 (placing that foot in front of the left- counts 3,4), hop again 2 with left foot (behind right foot, counts 5,6), step down with right foot and tap down with left (counts 7,8) You will end up right where you started.
*** Keep in mind that the students do not have to hop this, they can just step through it. I also said "right foot and left foot" as if you were completing the combo for the first time, starting from the beginning on the right foot.

HESITATION LUNGES AROUND WORLD-- This is simply 2 hesitation lunges (step up up, 2 alternating side lunges), with a step step down instead of a tap down. After the first one, you are on the South side of step, then on the second one you are on the North side again.

Email if confused--you know, when I teach these longer combos and it is time for a change, I usually either take the first or the last 32 counts out and change that much, or I just take out an entire 64 count combo (I teach 3 combos), and insert a new one. This makes it nice because there is usually always something a bit new, but there is also much they still know. Therefore, they will keep their heartrates up, and they also won't ever be bored. It also makes the class go by faster!!

Thanks! Hi to the Springfield Family YMCA!!! Miss you all! There is a workshop here on a Sat. in I think about 3 weeks. Call me if you want to go! (816)525-6415 ==It is Gaye Gasper=step and hilo

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