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I teach boxaerobics since January 2000. Because most of our clients still keep coming and there are also new clients, we have 2 levels of boxaerobicsclasses: beginners and advanced. The difference between these classes is not the intensity, but the combinations or the choreography. In a beginners class I don't do more than 4 different things after each other and I use lots of pyramids. For example I start with a few slow front kicks right, then a set of 8 front kicks right, then a few slow kicks left, then a set of 8 front kicks left, then 4 front kicks right, 4 front kicks left, (the set of 4 I repeat twice) 2 front kicks right, 2 front kicks left, (the set of 2 I repeat 4 times) then one right and one left (repeat 8 times).

I know that it is important to keep it simple for success, but you can't keep doing the same things. So in my advanced classes, I make bigger combinations (add on- method): I start with a few moves and I keep adding until I have a combination of maximum 16 beats. First we do this slow. After I have seen everybody knows the moves, we go faster. As in the aerobics classes I sometimes change direction to increase intensity.

It's up to the client to choose which class he/she wants to follow. I have advanced clients who prefer the beginners class. They have to choose what's most fun for them!

For those who teach advanced boxaerobics classes I submit this pattern. Don't try it with beginners. They first have to know the techniques, before they start a more difficult combination.

Warming up (5-10') in a circle

Left leg in the front

Repeat right leg in the front

Block 1

Block 2

Add arms: jab right (1-2), cross left (3-4), jab right (5-6), hold (7-8)

Do this combination 8 times and repeat on the left side

Block 3

Now change the march into a bob'n weave
Then change the double steptouch into a shuffle and add a speedball to the side


Do this combination 8 times

Block 4 (cardio)

Change 4 jumps into:

Block 5

(You can change the knees into kicks)

Block 6

Block 7 (cardio)

The 4th time we do this I make a complete turn to the left after the right jab to the front, and I go on with the jab to the right side, right foot to the side. Don't do it more often, otherwise you get dizzy!

Block 8

Repeat on the left

Block 9

Repeat on the left

Block 10

That's it. Let me know if you like it!?! Please email me with any questions or comments. See you!
Niki :)

*How to teach:

**A rear front kick is a front kick with your leg that's behind

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