Splash With Cardio

This is an Aquatic pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 7913)

Hello! I thought I would put a routine together for you. Hope you like it. With this I try to change very often within every so many minutess so be lively.


Start by rocking horse (right foot) arms back and forth like spreading paint in water. (switch legs and arms come out into chest) The key is to lift knee to chest contracting stomach, and lift leg to back squeeze bottom.)

Jumping jacks up high and then down low, going faster and making steps smaller the faster you go.

Sit low in a russian kick, flicking your foot like you have gum on your toe and move palms to floor up and down. Then bring legs out wide shoulder width and hands facing to ceiling. Do this at least 8-16 times

Kick around the clock 12 being to front and 6 being to the back.

Twist with legs together, swishing arms in the water.

Low and stomp, stutter steps, and steam boat rool your hands as fast as you can. You can move with this or hold still.

The I move from one end of the pool to the other and: jump over a log, bring your knees up to chest and arms underneath. Pike it up and back. (this you bring both legs in a bent postion all the way out to the front of you and crunch you tummy.) Side step down AND BACK WITH A CHEST CURL WITH ARMS. Do each exercise several times, at least 3 laps.

Then have them race from one end to the other pushing off with calves. Add whatever you like and mix it it. I try to keep moving in a high pace, have fun

These log rolls, pikes,and rocking horse will tone up your tummy and bottom. My girls have lost lots of weight working out with a high intensity. We have had a lot of fun. Even the gals who can't move fast have had great results. Use fun music like swing, or 50's all ages have a great time. Follow up with toning on weights and nooldes, or wall strengthening.

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From: Blue Springs, Missouri (USA)
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