Leslie L's Quad Step

This is a Quad Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 7921)

4 Step

  Home      Red

  Jail     Green

I do more warm up on the step than in my usual step classes-to get them used to moving around

I start my cueing with telling them where the move starts, then what it is and how many times. I go over multiple step specific terminology like ping pongs (any back and forth move, ex-home and jail knees) Zig zag-like 4 ping pongs using all 4 steps ex., 1 knee on home, 1 knee on jail, 1 knee on red and 1 knee on green. Traveling-any time I am going for 2-ex over the top travel, or diagonal travel.

Combo 1:

Repeat from Red starting from 2 turns

Combo 2

Combo 3

Start from 3 kicks on Red

This sounds hard, but it really moves well and it is fun.

If you are doing the less advanced routine, just repeat combo 1 starting on Home, then Red, combo 2 starting home and red and combo 3 starting home and red. If they are advanced you can combine 2 and 3

Combo 4 (last one)

Make sure you do lots of repetition to start with. Keep going back from the beginning after each new combo. Email me with any questions

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From: Scottsdale, Arizona (USA)
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