My Answer to Fritos

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OK, so I am addicted to Fritos corn chips!! This is the pattern I did before I had that BAG of Fritos with my lunch....Here is the finished product, any explanations will follow. Enjoy, and THANKS to all of you who have responded! : )

Class is facing with their left shoulder to the front of the room...

If your class prefers a lower impact version of the "twist", just have them step touch and jab when they move towards the front of the room. If space is a problem, twist or step touch in place, it works that way, too, it just doesn't burn as many Fritos....If your class would rather do football drill legs and not shuffles in place, you can easily turn them to face the front this way too, low intensity people can "march." Those 1/2 time jacks are just power jacks done slow and low-do as many as you like, I have been teaching like FOR-ever, so I tend to stay on the 32 count. I sincerely hope I have made all this clear, it is clear in my mind, but you guys know how stuff sometimes doesn't go straight from the brain to the keyboard...Email me with any questions or comments! Love you guys, my aerobic friends : )

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