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Remember your water and towel - you'll need it! Please stay in touch with the latest in Body Mechanics and safety :) Read, Read and Read some more -

When working out use your full range of motion (soft arms and legs 2")

Warm up for about 20 minutes on the bike, step or your favorite machine. Then give yourself a wonderful muscle stretch using a ballet bar if possible - stretch every muscle in your body, softly and gently, remembering proper body machanics.

Have everyone stand on tape across the floor to practice balance and kicks. Begin with 25 step back and knee ups. Right leg and then left. Shake the leg out with a couple side steps. Do 25 step back knee ups and kick forwards. Right leg and then left. PULSE CHECK IN TIME. This exercise should have brought you class to about 100-120 if done in complete motions and correct speed.

Now the class is ready.

Return back to jog pattern above

Good transition moves are one already incorporating into the routine, jogs, marches, etc.

Higher cardio workout, higher the arms go up - softer cardio workout bring them down lower. Same with the legs. The higher the knee goes up or the higher the kick (that they are able to do) the better the your heart and lungs will get trained to work more efficient for you. Now bring them down slowly lowering their arms. Check out ELOISE'S ABSTRACT (September) for a great abdominal workout.

Be Happy Healthy and Fit

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