Butterflies are Free (Sonia's #1B)

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 7939)

Step is horizontal. Begin at the left (southwest side) of your step. All directions are with a right lead. Directions are basic, variations are in parenthesis. Combinations are self-reversing, but can be strung together for variety. Choreography explanations are at the end.

Combo 1

Repeat with left lead or go on to #2

Combo 2

Repeat with left lead or go on to #3
To repeat left you need to step the basic across to be in position for the L-step.

Combo 3

Repeat with left lead or go on to #4

Combo 4

Repeat with left lead or go on to #5

Combo 5

Repeat with left lead or go back to #1 or add on #6

After learning these combinations I added on two more:

Combo 6

This is a 32 count "V-pack"

Repeat with left lead or go on to #7

Combo #7

Repeat with left lead or return to #1

Tap n clap repeater: Lead foot remains on step (1) as other foot taps up and down three times (2-6), step down, step down (7,8). Clap with each tap up.

Swing set: 3 abductors turning in toward the step on counts 3,4 of each 4 count move. It's step, lift, down and turn. The momentum gives this step a slight swinging motion. You face front, back, front.

Shuffle turns: 2 shuffles along the step with one foot on step and one foot on floor (1,2), turn on floor (3,4) and repeat in the other direction. This is a fun alternative to turnsteps.

These 16 counts are called a bowtie. Instead of the 4 marches you could do step touches turning as you go or a forward fly.

**These 16 counts are also called an around the world.

After my class learns mambos I add mambos corner to corner with the cha cha chas in the middle. Then I show turning away from the step on the first cha cha cha, and turning back to the step on the second cha cha cha.

Repeater knees level 2: 2 knee repeats (1-4) with a run run on top on counts 5 & 6 and down down on 7 & 8

Repeater knees level 3: You pivot on the ball of your food around and over the short end of the step doing the 3 repeater knees as you go. This is an advanced move and should not be done by anyone with knee problems! Please use caution!

Skippy knees are just knees on top of the step in a skipping motion. To turn these knees (advance move) step up right (1), lift left knee and begin to turn left on top (2), step left on top (3), lift right knee and turn to face south/back of room(4), right steps off short end to floor (5), left knee lifts (6), and steps to floor beginning to walk (7), right foot walks forward toward step (8)

V-shake: up, up in a V (1,2), hips shake 4x (3,4,5,6) and step down (7,8) Swing your arms in the same direction as you step - that will keep you oriented as to which foot to step off with (lead foot). This can be done more advanced too: up, up in a V (1,2), hips shake 2x (3,4), hop feet together (5), lift lead knee (6), step down (7,8) Don't make the hip shakes too fast. Big and deliberate!

Split V-step: up up in a V (1,2), alternate lunge back diagonally 2x (3,4,5,6), step down, step down (7,8)

Front to back V-step: up, up in a V (1,2), step down and turn in lead direction to the back (3,4), V on the floor (5,6), turning back to the front on 7,8

Tapping V-step: Do a regular V-step (1-4), tap lead toes to step, to floor to step (5,6,7) and step on floor with lead foot on 8.

Kickover: step up right (1), kick left foot forward (2), left foot to floor in front of step (north side) (3), right foot taps in front of step (4), right foot steps back onto step - be careful! (5), left foot kicks again (6), left foot steps back to south side (7), right foot steps back off. You will now be on your left lead. To maintain your right lead you can tap the right foot on 8. For this combo walk it.

Butterfly: Step up left (1), swing/fan your right leg forward over the step (2), step down on the north side with your right foot (3) and tap down left(4). Step up left (5), swing/fan right leg forward (6), right steps down (7), left steps down (8). This is one wing. Now repeat the moves with a right foot lead and left fanning over. You will go around the opposite end of the step to make the second wing. It helps to remember that on the north side of the step you tap and on the south side you walk. That goes for the kickover too!

Whew!! What a lot of stuff! I've gotten so much inspiration from this site I want to start giving back. If this is too long let me know and I'll ease up next time. I hope you can use this! If you have questions email me.

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