Colorado Kick X-treme!

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Thank you all for the outstanding ideas written to I've improved as a result of collecting, mixing, and implementing the various patterns. It has helped me develop my own ideas (finally!). So, (big gulp), here's my first submittal. The kickboxing patterns below are definite "lung burners", including the modified version(s):

Repeat entire (32) pattern 6-8 times for the final round of your class (whew)! They'll love it, and feel they've really done something tough!

* Extreme-jack: full-jack, but your hips are lowered, and your feet jump out at a wider stance (tough on the quads), the hips remain lowered and stationary without break

**Plyo-kick: rear lunging knee drives up toward the ceiling, bringing up the opposite kicking leg...remember, this is O.K. for intermediates, but I advise the lower kick at shin, or knee level, to avoid hamstring strain. It is unnecessary to kick above hip-level.

Again, thanks for SOLID STUFF! Coach T

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