Tapless from the top IV

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 7950)

Horizontal step, 32 count, tapless and for more advanced students. Enjoy..... and find explanations at the end of each block.

Block 1

Fly-over: lead foot on step (1), other leg flies (like a rear lift) over the step (2), step down on the other side (3), step down with lead foot (4) so you change lead

Change knee (left leads): left foot on step (1) then change the lead with a hop and knee lift (2) so right is on the step and left knee lifted, step down left/right (3,4)

Block 2

Syncopated straddle-hesitation: this one is very hard to explain but I give it a try: Start from the short side with left lead: left/right on step as usual (1,2) left straddle down and up double time (3) end on left foot on step (4), right on step and step down with left, right foot comes up (5) put right foot again on step and left foot comes up (on the floor) (6) like you think you will go but you don't and hesitate, step down left/right (7,8).

Block 3

Crazy repeater: knee-tap forward/backward/forward on floor-knee

If the explanation I used was not clear enough, please email me. About the word rockstep: I also see the names chug or stomp maybe this makes more sense.

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