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This is a BoxAerobics pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 7962)

Hi! I taught this off the cuff little bitty bit of block choreography this morning in my brand new shoes! Thought you might like it and add to it...then email me with the next block you come up with! FunFunFUN!!!

Stance: Boxer's shuffle or "twist" with right shoulder facing front of the room

....Back to boxer's shuffle or twist...

Now you are ready to face the front with your right shoulder to the right wall. Start your 3 jabs to the right wall, 1 jack to the right wall, do the other side 3 jabs, 1 jack, 8 alternating jacks, little kicks, big kicks facing this wall, back to the shuffle...Now you are ready with your right shoulder to the back wall to do the 3 jabs, 1 jack etc...get the idea?? It was a lot of fun, after we went all the way around in the "block" we did some kick drills, (use your imagination???!!!) Then the second time through the block, I did it the same except we moved forward on the little kicks. I ended the class with some plyometric jumps...3 jumps, lift the right knee, 3 jumps lift the left knee, jumps side to side, kicks side front and back, several arm crosses/blocks/hooks, etc.

I am open for suggestions on how I could improve the parts in between the "block", anyone have any good and FUN ideas?? Thanks to all who have emailed, Here's a shout out to everyone in Turnstep Land..WHOOOOO-ooooo (this can frequently be heard during any of our classes, right??? Have a great day! Corrie :)

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