Whoooo! Let's shake (tapfree)

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This is a tap free, self-repeating (I am giving directions for right lead only), 120 count block which can be a lot of fun- especially if you can get 'em to do the repeater shake it!!

* Adduction cha-cha- right lead, aduction laterally then step touch on top of the step, then on the floor. Once you have it down, you change it to step up, aduct, cha-cha hi and low. It takes a while, but fun as long as they get the hand of stepping up toward the right side of the step if on the right lead to give it some room to move!

** rocking horse to a straddle-- knee, ham, knee, while moving to the right around to the "little end" of the bench, then straddle down on count 7 and 8. As this is tapfree, remember to turn to the other corner (or direction) every time you go over the top or exit the step... there are no tap downs in other words... write if you need better directions..

*** skate wild -- this is a variation of skating (3 hams on top of step), you do 2 ham curls on top of step, then a 5 knee repeater, exit

**** repeater shake it- variation of 3 knee repeater, one knee, set foot back down, shake hips 2x, knee up -- we like to make a whoo noise while we shake our hips!

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