Move That Body!

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 7974)

I really like this one a lot because it involves different moves besides kicks and punches.

Start with right side of body facing forward as you "rock it out" (the little boxer dance with your gaurd up)

Wow, it really looks a lot shorter on paper! I break it down by starting with the jab, cross, duck. The jab, cross is quick, each taking only one count versus the regular two counts with one count going out and one count coming back. So it's a quick jab, cross with a duck at the end. I usually repeat the jab, cross duck a good four times or more. Tell your class to really get low on their ducks as if they were dodging a real punch. Their gaurd should stay up as they duck. Next, I add the two low blocks, also known as strikes.

*They are basically squats. As you squat down you straighten your arm in a striking manner, as if to block an opponent's blow to your ankle. Again tell your class to get low on these - it will really increase the intensity of their workout. So, I do the sequence: jab, cross, duck, low block, low block(8) about 4 - 6 times. Lastly, I add the two jacks (which I find is a nice way to get yourself facing a different direction) and the front kick and back kick. And when you cue it, it actually ryhmes. "Jack, jack, front & back" (front & back referring to the kicks) I run through the whole pattern 4 - 6 times. To transition to the left side, I have them hold the jacks on the last set, then have them turn as they jack, to the left side and then just repeat everything on the left side.

This is my first submission to, I would really enjoy any feedback on either my routine or on the clarity of my description of the routine! Thanks. Have fun & sweat hard!

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From: Minnesota (USA)
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