Tapless from the top VI

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 8015)

For the more advanced step-lovers I used this routine, 32 count, some cross-phrased, tapless and they loved it. Bench is horizontal. Find explanations at the end of each block.

Block 1

Fly-over: see pattern #7950 Tapless from the top IV

Block 2

10-count L-step: off beat (like the more known 6-point/baby/crazy turn tep) L-step, right foot on left corner (1), left foot on floor (2), right foot again on left corner (3), left,right floor to right corner (4,5), left on right corner (6), right on floor (7), left on right corner again (8), right/left on floor back to center (9,10) so you can start the lunge.

Block 3

This block can made as complicated as you like; the basic pattern is 3x basic right, 1 basic knee (change lead), left repeater, right pivot, right basic knee. To make it more intense (and complicated) you use the turns and to finish it see explanation below for the repeater with pivot. All the credit for this block is for a Dutch presenter Andreas Trussat.

Left repeater 3 change down: left foot on step and make the usual 3-knee repeater (6), instead of exiting on the floor you change feet on top (7) (so right foot is on bench and left foot lifted) step down left foot on south side (8), step right foot OVER the step (9) (step is now between your legs) make a pivot right (10,11,12).

Block 4:

Double time basic is a very quickly basic step in half the time. Hamstring repeater can be changed in hamstring-cha-cha-hamstring

Please email me with your questions, I think the explanations are rather clear but if it will be clear enough.... let me know. Since English is not my mother tongue it may be sound a little funny sometimes.

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