This is a Quad Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 8021)

Home                 Red

Jail                Green

Home: right lead, single knee tap down/ helicopter right into a 3 knee repeater tap down/ turn step around the world ending on Red.

Red: left lead, single knee tap down/ helicopter into a 3 knee repeater tap down/ turnstep aroung the world ending on Home.

The combo is 32 count total.

A Helicopter is a 4 count move done on top of the bench. You step up say with a right lead and hop in a circle swinging the left leg around during the turn.

Turnstep around the world takes you inside the box of all 4 benches. The right foot leads you in one single direction, turning on every bench. The same is reversed with a left foot lead, turning every bench. Home, Jail, Green, Red (right lead): Red, Green, Jail, Home, (left lead).

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