Winger's Tapless #139

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 8025)

Block 1 (16 counts) right lead

Base Move:

(to rehearse this...basic back down to the floor, then single knee corner to corner, 2 repeater in the center. This is just a filler so you can rehearse the first 16 counts on the left lead...and so on)

Advanced Option:

(throw in the knee corner to corner and 2 repeater to rehearse as you did in the base move).

Moving on.....Block 2 (right lead)

Explain to the class that next time they finish the basic up-down-up, they will do 3 alternate lunges (1-6), exit 'home' (7-8) and do 2 alternate knee to center of the bench (9-16).

This is your completed 32 count, self-reversing combination with one more option to add on....

Changing the 2 alternate knees to:
right lead.....step up right (1) lift left knee (2) tap left toe to side (3) lift left knee again (4) hop 2 counts on the LEFT foot with the RIGHT knee in air (5-6), exit home (7-8) (I cue this 'knee-tap-knee-double hop'. A more advanced options would be to slightly pivot the body and tap the floor on the north side of the bench, rather than the top of the step.

I hope this is understandable. If you need any further explanations or breakdowns, please don't hesitate to mail me.

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