Winger's Tapless #138

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 8026)

Block 1 (16 counts - leading right)

Base Move = L-step, cross the step, L-step back to home, turnstep (right lead)

Advanced Tapless = L-step (1-2), stomp 2 times on the floor with the left foot as you lift the right foot slightly off the step (3-5), cross the step (6-7), stomp once on the floor with the right foot as the left foot lifts slightly off the step (8), L Step (9-12), hesitation turn (13-16) should now be ready to lead left...

Block 2 (16 counts - leading left)

Base Move = 1 kick and tap down (1-4), tap up and down (5-8), pivot on floor with left lead (9-12), basic left (13-16).

Advanced Tapless = 1 kick with a cha cha cha*(1-4), straddle the left foot over to the north side of the step (5), straddle up right-left (6-7), right foot comes down on the south side of the step (8), left foot steps into the floor pivot (9-12), power basic (13-16).

*kick-cha-cha-cha = step up left (1) kick right (2) right foot back to floor as left lifts slightly off step (3) left foot steps on bench as right lifts off floor, right foot steps back to floor as left lifts (4) (this is done quickly like a 'pony' with one foot on the floor and one on the step)

If you want to know how I break this down just email me. It sound a little complicated but my participants absorb this stuff in no time.

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From: Victoria, British Columbia (Canada)
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