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Hi, this is my first submit. I have really enjoyed this website for its inspiration. Hope you like this, I teach a cardio challenge class (advanced step) in Tally. Here goes:

Start right lead:

* Repeater for 5= Teach them options to make it "funky/harder"

* Double knee hopturn= 2 knees in a row without exiting (like the first 2 knees in a repeater) then go immediately into a hopturn, then exit. You end up on the other side of the bench facing the opposite wall.

* Up-up jack= Go on top of the bench as you would in a basic, then do 1 jack on top of the bench, lunge 3 times (right, left, right) then exit

* Hopturn-straddle, up-up lunge-lunge= its what it sounds like. Do a hopturn but exit with each foot on either side of the bench (both feet on floor) then do an up-up lunge-lunge from this position (I think others call it an indecision- except you are facing the right or left side of your bench)

I have new respect for all of those submits I can't understand :) Hope you enjoy these, let me know!

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From: Tallahassee, Florida (USA)
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