Leslie L's 9/9/00

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 7762)

Horizontal bench, facing front, N-S-E-W directions when in question

Right lead

Combo 1

Combo 2

From the straddle

You can either repeat from the kick and pivot, or all the way from Combo 1, Corner curls

Combo 3

Repeat all from left lead (on north side of step)

Put 1,2,3 together

Combo 4

Combo 5

Repeat from lunge, straddle left lead

Combo 6

Repeat from weave over left

Combine 4,5,6

Repeat from mambo cha cha on left, lunge on right, weave on left, etc.

*Up lunge, back jack:

**Kick up, walk back:

***2 Knee repeater step, kick and exit-you must start at the end so you have room to step

****Football repeater:

*****Stutter mambo

The example is with right lead, though in the combo the first time this is shown is the left lead. I like to keep all by explanations right leg lead

I hope this makes sense, I always end up doing this late at night. Let me know if there are any questions

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From: Scottsddale, Arizona (USA)
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