Don't fake it - add feints

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A misleading movement intended to draw a defensive action away from the real target!

The art of feinting dramatically changes your total boxercise or kick boxing workout.. your movements take on the appearance of a pro! It is the missing ingredient in all warrior workouts...Nobody is doing it but me I think. Yet.. If understood and applied will double the effectivenes of your workout.. dozens of isometric muscle groups are called into play- that is why you see more ripped and toned muscles on a well conditioned boxer than most any other athlete. Bar none.. The following is a few suggestions to start you feinting like a pro.

The art of feinting is something that will add a whole new dimension to your workout.. Learn the punches, then combos, then feints.

You got the idea now.. so what do you want to feint? The better you are at visualizing an imaginary opponent the better you will do. Other types of feints explained below.

Head feints are quick movements that look like you are going to throw one kind of punch but you throw something else..feint with a step one way, but quickly go the other by switching sides from left to right as you bob and weave.. with feints you practice till it becomes natural.. go slow with it until you get good. It is more important to get the movements right then it is to go for speed.. invent your own feints... you can fake a right hand and come in with a back kick, or fake a back kick and throw a left hook.. practice these ideas... there are too many varibles to explain every possibility... and, as usual, I don't preach repititious patterns, I think everyone should experiment with their own moves, discovering their own comfort level and abilities.. set patterns are alright for beginners learning the moves.. but any one that is serious about this and wants to move to the advance stages should design their own routine, just like a real fighter.. once you know all the punches, how many patterns do you want to read about when you can discover your own, if you would only let them go..safely.

The natural progression of this workout should be as follows.

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From: St. Louis, Missouri (USA)
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