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This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 7785)

This isn't too difficult, but last week, to my amazement as an instructor who usually prides herself on her tough blocks of mega-fancy footwork, it actually resulted in a positive comment card asking the gym to give me more classes! Live and learn.

Each block is the same set of steps repeated twice. Anything with stars (**) has an explanation following.

**Rock each corner: Feet step on each corner in turn. It's like a mambo to each corner with no cha-cha, ending up with both feet on the step. Count 1: Right foot steps on left corner. 2: Left foot steps in place on floor. 3: Right foot steps on floor. 4: Left foot steps on right corner. 5: Right foot steps in place on floor. 6: Left foot steps on floor. 7: Right foot on top. 8: Left foot on top.

**Push Push: also known as a gallop gallop, a shuttle turn, a shuffle turn, a shuffle step, a hesitation, etc.... place foot on bench and slide forward two times, tapping floor foot beween slides. Much like a triple step or step-together-step with one foot floor, one bench, then turn to repeat other side. I push arms in front as I slide the foot, hence the name "push push." "Push push" also has fewer syllables than any of the other names, making it easier for me to say while cueing.

**Repeater stomp: could also be called a "repeater rock" if you like, since there is a similar move I called a "rock" earlier in the pattern -- where in a regular repeater you lift the foot on the floor to do a knee or kick or whatever, here, that foot stays on the floor and the emphasis is on the foot on the step. Like a mambo with no back rock. Count 1: Right foot stomps left corner of step. 2: Left foot stomps floor. 3: Right foot stomps left corner of step. 4: Left foot stomps floor. 5: Right foot stomps left corner of step. 6: Left foot stomps floor. 7: Right foot down on floor. 8: Left foot down on floor.

On all three of the explained moves, I frequently tell the class to "work your quad!" since all of them have an emphasis on the lifting motion, which can get that muscle.

No, the title has nothing to do with the pattern. It just happens to be the polish color I have on my nails today.

Thanks to Greg and all the submitters -- especially the ones from whom I steal ideas! *blowing kiss*

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