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Hello my name is Carolyn Ross I live in Perth Western Australia. This is my first submission to the internet. My good friend Shirley talked me into putting something on the net. If you wish to contact me you can do it via her. I have been teaching for about 9 years. I own my own fitness centre called Cross Aerobics & Fitness. I teach spinning, atb, hilo, aerobox, my own version of taebo called cross bo, step all levels, slide, new body or body shape and body pump.

Today's submission. A warmup on high or low impact routine very simple. Can be used as is or I'll show you how to split your group.

Repeats automatically

When you commence note the front of the room and each side of the room obviously front right side and left side. To turn to face your initial left side to walk backward for the 2nd set of four counts you then stay there and walk the 3rd set of 4 counts forward where you are and backward where you are so after 16 counts you are facing your initial left side. The butt kick travels forward to that left side. 1 Easy walk where you are and the second one to finish at the front. The balance self-explanatory. To split the class halve your people down the centre into two groups. Everyone does the same except one group starts on right leg other group on left leg. Obviously you will see when you get into it that the walk combination sometimes makes them face each other and sometimes they back away from each other. The grapevines go towards and apart from each other. This idea was originally derived from something similar I saw at a local workshop many years ago, always good to rehash and spice up old ideas. I hope it is something new for you also think you could do something with the split class idea on the step?? Got you thinking??

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(Email: shirlgymgirl@aol.com.au)
From: Perth (Australia)
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