Paradise's Sixteenth

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7 Knees--- You begin by teaching just a 7 knee repeater. You then change the 1st 2 knees to a rear crossover repeater, then do 5 more knees. You then do the rear crossover, add a double knee (regular, on same leg), step down and "ski" 3 times, step knee and swich sides. This isn't difficult to teach as long as you keep them in the holding pattern you just taught them and you show them the next 4 counts bit by bit. If you want this to be more low impact, you can teach the rear crossover, the double knee, and a Broadway Knee instead. The Broadway knee is: step down, lift other knee, lunge that same leg behind, lift the same knee back up, step knee and switch.

10 Count Mambo--- stomp with one foot 2x, walk 2 to other end and stomp with other foot 2x. Walk 2x and face West wall, do a 1/2 mambo (stepforward and back), walk 1x to face front, then do a 1/2 mambo facing East, walk 1x to face front again.

Rhythmic Straddle-- step up up slow,(4 counts and facing side), straddle down and up at regular speed (4 counts)

Email with questions if I didn't make myself clear, I'm tired today!

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From: Lee's Summit, Missouri (USA)
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