Aerobic Body Sculpt IV

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 7820)

Step is vertical - music pitched to 118-120 or lower, you need the following weight loads, 3 to 5 pounds, 5-8 pounds, 8-10 pounds, depending on your students fitness level. Spri ankle band or O ring.

Warm up and stretch entire upper/lower body. Items that need decription will be at the end and starred*.

Chest: 3-5 pounds depending on strength

Repeat above only combine to over top 3, up tap 1, mambo 4, march with overhead lifts, then repeat again left lead.

Triceps: 3-5 pounds at least 8 reps each

Delts: 3-5 pounds at least 12 reps each

Repeat from right reverse lunge

Walk to side of step, place left foot on step, right foot out wide as in a plie squat and lift the right heel. Begin a squat - add upright rows using 5 or 8 or 10s depending on strength. 16 reps & pulse squat no weights. Change sides - hold weights and do shrugs 16 reps & pulse squat no weights

Biceps: 5-8 pounds - 12-16 reps each

Combine the 2, left side of step over top 3x up tap 1x and then right side.

Repeat entire sequence 1 more time from chest

Put bands around ankles, step touch, double step touch, hamstring curls, march in place -

Floor work: Mat

Repeat band work on left side.

* Chest Crosses: hold weights palms up, arms bent at elbow and out to the side. Cue to push elbows out from the body, do not hold the elbows into the ribs. Now cross right over left (it will happen at the midline of the body) and then left over right.

* Up up & overhead: Arms in same position as chest crosses except instead of crossing, bring them up overhead 2 counts and back down 2 counts.

* Biceps: pump pump up, 2 little pulses and bring the weights up (4 counts) 2 little pulses and bring the weights down (4 counts) Pump pump up happens on the up 2 3 tap, pump pump down happens on the back 2 3 tap.Please email if you need any further clarification. This was a hard one to post but a great workout. My biceps and triceps are killing me this morning. Add pushups at the end to finish off.

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