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Anything appearing with two stars (**) has an explanation following.

Explanations (all on right for argument's sake):

**Jack and Jill: Up up and jack, down down and jack. "Jack and Jill" is much easier for me to say than "Up jack, down jack," and the word "jack" is usually enough of a cue to the class that the move involves jacks. I frequently start them with jacks on the floor, then take them up and down on the step with the jacks.

**Abductor straddle over: Straddle over, but with two side lifts instead of taps. Facing side, Count 1: Right foot up (2) Side lift on left (3) Left foot straddles (4) Right foot straddles (5) Left foot up (6) Side lift on right (7) Right down (on opposite side from start) (8) Left down (on opposite side from start).

**Repeater Party: Repeater with two squats back in place of the second knee (you put the leg that would be lifting the knee back down on the floor while you squat). Count 1-2: Step right foot on left corner, lift left knee (3) Left foot back down on floor (4-5) Two little squats back (6) Step right foot on left corner, lift left knee (7)Left foot down (8) Right foot down. I cue it "Step knee, squat, squat, step knee, down." You can do "monkey" arms on the squats. When I do this, for some reason I get funky -- the squats turn into a 3-count booty shake and one arm naturally swings overhead like I'm actually dancing at a party, hence the name.

**Push Push: also known as a gallop gallop, a shuttle turn, a shuffle turn, a shuffle step, a hesitation, etc.... place foot on bench and slide forward two times, tapping floor foot between slides. Much like a triple step or step-together-step with one foot floor, one bench, then turn to repeat other side. I push arms in front as I slide the foot, hence the name "push push." "Push push" also has fewer syllables than any of the other names, making it easier for me to say while cueing.

**Mambo: It's ON THE SAME SIDE as the knee. I cue it while pointing to the same side of the step to indicate not to travel, then travel on the cha-cha-cha. You can travel between the knee and the mambo if you desperately want to, especially if you're into the "tapless" trend, but it's fun either way, and it really moves! I also cue the whole thing "One knee! Mambo here! Cha cha cha repeater!" because it's darn near impossible to get all the "cha's" out in time. They quickly figure out that the "cha cha cha" refers to the cha's attached to the mambo AND the cha cha cha repeater.

**Repeater cha-cha: Also known as a football repeater, repeater run, repeater triple step, etc. It's a repeater with a straddle and triple step in place of the second knee. (Count 1) Step right foot on left corner (2) Lift left knee (3-4) Put left foot on floor on home side, straddle right foot, and triple step left, right, left. Feet touch the floor three times in all. (5) Step right foot on left corner (6) Lift left knee (7-8) Left down, right down.

**T-step: Facing side, (Count 1-2) Right foot up, left up (3-4) Right foot off the back, left off the back (5-6) Right foot up, left up (7-8) Right foot exit right side, left exit right side.

**Zig zag: Also known as an M-step, I think. It's two small diagonal over the tops, making a "V." The first diagonal starts at the bottom of the first side and goes to the middle of the other side, and the second comes back over, but to the top of the first side. I often cue it "Zig zag, to the middle; take it back to the end".

**2 Taps side on the floor: The tapping foot is the foot AWAY from the step. Face side and take the away foot out, in, out, in in 4 counts. It's then a fairly quick direction change to go over the top.

*Over two lunges: Also known as a split lunge or side shooter, but I've seen both of those names refer to more than one step. I say "Over two lunges" because although it's a longer name, it leaves little doubt as to what I want them to do: an over the top with two side-to-side lunges in the middle. This also distinguishes it from "up up two lunges," which faces front and is based on a basic step instead of an over the top.

Feel free to email me with questions or comments. I know I get long-winded, but I HATE HATE HATE unclear explanations or ambiguous step names, so I would rather go too far in the other direction! No, the name has nothing to do with the pattern -- it just happens to be the nail polish color I have on my nails at the moment.

As always, thanks to Greg and all the wonderful submitters.

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