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Explanations (all start on right foot for arguments' sake):

**L-step rock-shake: needs a shorter name! It's based on an L-step, but the finished product doesn't look much like it. (Count 1) Step right foot on left corner (2) Left left knee (3) Place left foot lightly on floor (4) Step right foot on left corner of step, lifting left foot (counts 3-4 are the "rock" -- it's a quick change of direction, like a "pendulum," but you're putting a foot quickly on the floor)(5-6) Shake left foot twice while holding it in mid-air (this goes quickly, so you're not hanging there trying to balance forever -- it's like you're trying to get something vile off the tip of your shoe. You can shake your hand at the same time if you like) (7-8) Left foot down, right down. I cue it "L-step, rock, rock, shake, shake, and down." If they want a MAJOR modifier, you can tap the inside and outside of your shoe quickly with your hands instead of shaking, which I cue "L-step, rock, rock, inside, outside, down."

**Mambo, cha cha to kick to the back: The kick turns to face the back, when ordinarily the cha-cha would have carried you to the other side for another mambo. (Count 1) Right foot steps on left corner (2) Left foot steps on floor (3-4) Cha cha cha, turning to the back (5) Right foot steps on floor (facing back)(6) Right foot kicks high! (7) Right foot steps back on floor, turning back to face the front (you REALLY need to move here to get back to the step -- the kick is nice and big and pretty far from the step. Essentially you are moving away from the step in three turning steps (the cha cha cha) and returning in two.) (8) Left foot steps toward the step, coming together with right.

**Knee-kick repeater: One knee, one kick, one knee, instead of three knees. Did you realize that with just the 6 common levers (knee, kick, ham, glute, ankle, abductor), there are over 200 different repeater combinations? Yes, I was bored one day and did the math.

Please email with questions or comments.

Thanks as always to Greg and all the other wonderful choreographers out there.

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From: Coral Gables, Florida (USA)
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