Choreography Jam #5

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 7829)

Steps are set up with one in front of you and one behind. You begin the routine in the middle of the two.

Combo #1

Repeat opposite

Combo #2

Repeat opposite

Combo #3

Repeat opposite

Combo #4

Repeat opposite

Combo #5

*Indecision Stomp: Stomp on back step with right foot, march left, right in middle of steps, stomp on front step with left foot, march right, left in middle of steps, step up on back step right/left

*No-Yes Indecision: Step up wide right left, step in-in on top right left, NOW do the INDECISION STOMP from the top of your step, on count 7-8 step off the front of the step doing a revolving door on the floor, continue the revolving door over the top, ready to do the repeater knee.

I cue this as follows: "Step up wide and together", Indecision stomp, I cue "NO, NO, YES" Yes is when they step down and around and over. This cueing works for me but you may have a better idea. When I tell them "No, no" they know not to step off the step yet.

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