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Anything appearing with two stars (**) has an explanation following.

Does anyone else have as much trouble coming up with pattern names as I do? I feel obligated to be creative, since it's hard to come up with something cute that's descriptive.

Explanations (all explanations start on right foot for argument's sake):

**Switch repeater: a repeater where you hop over the step twice in place of the second knee. (Count 1) Step right foot on left corner (2) Lift left knee (3) Left foot down (4) Quickly switch feet so left foot is on left corner and right foot is on the other side (straddling) (5) Switch feet again so right foot is on left corner nad left foot is on the floor at home (6) Lift left knee (7) Left foot down on floor (8) Right foot down. I cue it "Step, knee, tap, switch, switch, knee, down."

**Hop over tap: is just like it sounds -- you jump completely over the step, facing side. The "tap" is included in the name to remind them to actually tap the following foot down (otherwise they seem to want to pull it up into a knee... I guess you could make it a "hop over knee" if you wanted to). It's probably a little easier (and safer) to tap the following foot on the step instead of the floor, and hop just like the switch in the Switch repeater, but it's more challenging to do the full hop. The full hop should probably be done with a relatively low step -- no more than one set of risers.

**Double tap V-step: Essentially a half-time V-step. (Count 1-2) Right foot taps twice on the step, remaining on top (3-4) Left taps twice, remaining on top (5-6) Down right foot, left foot (7-8) Up right foot, left foot

Please email with questions or comments. Thanks as always to Greg and all the wonderful sharing instructors.

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